As of October 2016, there are over 15,000 registered investment advisory (RIA) firms operating in the US. The differences in how each operates are vast. When looking across the landscape of options available to a financial advisor who is contemplating migration to independence by either joining or starting an RIA, many considerations, factors and frankly personal skill-sets and capabilities must be considered. Do you want to be an employee or an independent contractor? Do you want to own your own RIA and be responsible for running the entire business day to day (HR, payroll, compliance etc.)? Do you need or want a relationship with a broker/dealer? Do you know what an introducing broker/dealer or the costs associated with affiliating with one?

There are a myriad of options available and each offers attributes and deterrents depending on the individual practitioner or team style, dynamic, cultural bias, and present place in career cycle.

How does a busy financial services professional efficiently explore, perform due diligence and make order and sense of the options available without engaging a professional representative who understands the options and is willing and able to invest the time, resources and expertise in guiding and advising on the market place and the best home for the advisor and his/her team? There is too much at stake and far too much risk in making the journey alone without the necessary expert by your side. Would you ever advise one of your investment clients to navigate the markets and asset allocation alone?

CAREER MANAGEMENT ADVISORS…..the advisors to financial advisors contemplating or in transition!